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The Iron Curtain Over America

Published 1951
Topics antisemitism

Often reprinted anti-semitic book

Publisher Wilkinson Pub. Co
Year 1951
Language English
Collection folkscanomy_politics; folkscanomy; additional_collections


Reviewer: Jonathan Price - - August 30, 2012
Subject: Good book!

"If it's anti-semetic because of exposer of the jews"

Whenever the spotlight of truth exposes the malfeasance and crimes of the Jew the charge of "anti-semitism" is 'released' same way an octopus releases a thick, blackish ink in a large cloud to avoid detection and evade the scene.

Let's get this straight: Anyone who exposes the lies, treachery, subversion, etc. by Jews and Jewry is, first and foremost, pro-gentile. We are not de facto anti-Jewish like this anti-gentile smear term suggests.

In the supremacist Jewish mind anyone who opposes, exposes or resists domination by Jews and Jewry is by default an "anti-semite", or a "neo-Nazi", or a "hater", or a "bigot", or a "white supremacist", or a "terrorist", etc.

In my book, then every Jew is by default an anti-gentile, a communist, a liar, a subversive, a nationwrecker, a Jewish supremacist, a swindler, etc.

Reviewer: PeterBoss - - September 16, 2009
Subject: book review
Easy to understand and to the point. Factualy and historicaly acurate. Extrememly pro-Christian. A must for every Christian to read. If it's anti-semetic because of exposer of the jews who are the putrid force in hollywood and washington and the meat, poultry, and food industry that is poisoning we Christians, then yes it is that and more.Amen